Modern Mixing Release Trap Beat Mixing Tutorial

The other day released a Tutorial for mixing trap beats called How to Mix a Trap Beat in FL Studio.  This is a paid tutorial but it has been getting a lot of great reviews, like this one below:

Just wanted to say “Great Job” on that tutorial….. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been mixing for about 4 years, and it’s tough because some do not want to share (tips and tricks) whats been freely given to them. A lot of the well established engineers were taught by someone else, but then refuse to teach others . . . . Thanks Again . . . I will study this intently!!!!!

– David

So What’s Included in this Trap Mixing Tutorial?

  • Comes with 17 HD videos all in 1080p
  • Two FLP.  One which is a full mixed version and another which is a raw session so you can follow along with the videos as he mixes
  • It also comes with a PDF so that you can see which plugins were used in the Tutorial and download them if you have to.

How Does The Tutorial Breakdown?

The How to Mix a Trap Beat tutorial breaks down into the follwing 17 videos:

  1. Introduction
  2. Plugin Setup
  3. Organization (Part 1) – Intro
  4. Organization (Part 2) – Markers
  5. Organization (Part 3) – Sequencer & Playlist
  6. Organization (Part 4) – Mixer
  7. Gain Staging
  8. Tuning and Stereo Imaging
  9. The Balance
  10. Post Mix Wrap Up
  11. Bass
  12. Drums
  13. FX
  14. Pluck Synths
  15. Orchestral Sounds
  16. Mastering
  17. Automation

What Kind Of Trap Mixing Skills Will You Aquire?

As per the tutorial sales page, there are 6 major things that you are going to learn.

  • Organization – In this section he walks you through the entire organization process from start to finish
  • Gain Staging – Here you can watch Justin set the levels to get the best input signal going into FL Studio
  • The Art of Balancing – Watch Justin balance the beat live so you can get an idea of how he acquires a balance
  • The Drums – He is going to show you how to mix trap drums so that they pop
  • Mastering – In this video you will see how he was able to make the beat really loud
  • Automation – In this section he explains the automation used in the beat session which adds emotion to the song.

Go Get It Now!

It’s very fairly priced considering the amount of experience Justin has.  you can literally sit over the shoulder of an engineer which is what we all want right?

Anyways if you want more info on the tutorial – go here.