Cool Saturation Plugin from LVC-Audio

 Free Phuzz Plugin
Say hello to PhreePhuzz; A new saturation plugin that was just released by LVC Audio.  It’s a simple, effective and easy to use saturation plugin that has been released as freeware in VST/AU format (Win/MAC).Head over to LVC-Audio’s website to download this plugin for free (2.0 MB/ZIP/VST/VST3/AU).

You aren’t required to register to the developers website and you aren’t required to join a list.  Just head over to the site and download the plugin for free. You should, however, be aware that the plugin is currently in its beta stage but will remain as freeware once the full version is released. LVC-Audio wants to hear about any bugs and is open for suggestions.

What the Creators had to say:

PhreePhuzz is an analog saturation simulator designed for subtle saturation. It has a very simple interface and four distinct saturation types.

About the Plugin

This plugin make look simple in it’s nature but it’s alot more complex than you think. Most of what you hear from this plug is based on the algorithms taken from the PreAMPed saturation workhorse which was created by the same designers.  Basically they wanted to create a plugin with a simple desing that was easy to use, while achieving some of those tasty saturation effects. This plug comes equipped with 4 different types (YES FOUR) of saturation and also 4X oversampling which significantly reduces aliasing.

While you can push the FREE Fuzz into getting some stellar distortion effects, the plugin developer suggests using it in a more subtle fashion.  Also the different saturation modes can effect different parts of the frequency spectrum.  that means that you aren’t limited and this plugin will work on multiple source signals. The developer has also included an instruction manual in the download pack, which means that getting to know the controls should be a real snap for you.

What I like About It

This plugin can definitely be a go to for instruments like guitars and pianos.  It just has such a prestine quality to it.  I’ve also tried it on vocals with a lot of success.  Try it out yourself.

Go Ahead to Grab it Today

So if you want a simple and effective saturation plugin than go Download PhreePhuzz today.