Free Clean Guitar Library from Hephaestus Sounds

Clean GuitarsWOWWW… What a great day it is because our friends over at Hephaestus Sounds have released their Clean Guitar sound pack.  This free smple library is comprised of great electric guitars and is made for KontaktYou can get Clean guitar as a free download if you visit Hephaestus Sounds.  It’s a total of 71 MB and comes with 1 instrument preset in NKI format for Kontakt.
The interface insode Kontakt, comes with a very useful strumming mode to ensure that you get a more natural sounding performance. It is even possible to switch between four available sound modes on the go. The one that I like the best is the Amp 4×12 mode which outputs the sound of a real guitar amplifier.It’s based off of a vast library of 330 clean audio sample of an electric guitar.  The guitar was sampled in four different variations, including plucks and slides.

Hephaestus Sounds has been very active in 2013, releasing a nice little collection of free sample libraries.

This library also sounds really good when complimented with the Moto Q equalizer


Download Clean Guitar: click here

Modern Mixing Release Trap Beat Mixing Tutorial

The other day released a Tutorial for mixing trap beats called How to Mix a Trap Beat in FL Studio.  This is a paid tutorial but it has been getting a lot of great reviews, like this one below:

Just wanted to say “Great Job” on that tutorial….. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been mixing for about 4 years, and it’s tough because some do not want to share (tips and tricks) whats been freely given to them. A lot of the well established engineers were taught by someone else, but then refuse to teach others . . . . Thanks Again . . . I will study this intently!!!!!

– David

So What’s Included in this Trap Mixing Tutorial?

  • Comes with 17 HD videos all in 1080p
  • Two FLP.  One which is a full mixed version and another which is a raw session so you can follow along with the videos as he mixes
  • It also comes with a PDF so that you can see which plugins were used in the Tutorial and download them if you have to.

How Does The Tutorial Breakdown?

The How to Mix a Trap Beat tutorial breaks down into the follwing 17 videos:

  1. Introduction
  2. Plugin Setup
  3. Organization (Part 1) – Intro
  4. Organization (Part 2) – Markers
  5. Organization (Part 3) – Sequencer & Playlist
  6. Organization (Part 4) – Mixer
  7. Gain Staging
  8. Tuning and Stereo Imaging
  9. The Balance
  10. Post Mix Wrap Up
  11. Bass
  12. Drums
  13. FX
  14. Pluck Synths
  15. Orchestral Sounds
  16. Mastering
  17. Automation

What Kind Of Trap Mixing Skills Will You Aquire?

As per the tutorial sales page, there are 6 major things that you are going to learn.

  • Organization – In this section he walks you through the entire organization process from start to finish
  • Gain Staging – Here you can watch Justin set the levels to get the best input signal going into FL Studio
  • The Art of Balancing – Watch Justin balance the beat live so you can get an idea of how he acquires a balance
  • The Drums – He is going to show you how to mix trap drums so that they pop
  • Mastering – In this video you will see how he was able to make the beat really loud
  • Automation – In this section he explains the automation used in the beat session which adds emotion to the song.

Go Get It Now!

It’s very fairly priced considering the amount of experience Justin has.  you can literally sit over the shoulder of an engineer which is what we all want right?

Anyways if you want more info on the tutorial – go here.

Cool Saturation Plugin from LVC-Audio

 Free Phuzz Plugin
Say hello to PhreePhuzz; A new saturation plugin that was just released by LVC Audio.  It’s a simple, effective and easy to use saturation plugin that has been released as freeware in VST/AU format (Win/MAC).Head over to LVC-Audio’s website to download this plugin for free (2.0 MB/ZIP/VST/VST3/AU).

You aren’t required to register to the developers website and you aren’t required to join a list.  Just head over to the site and download the plugin for free. You should, however, be aware that the plugin is currently in its beta stage but will remain as freeware once the full version is released. LVC-Audio wants to hear about any bugs and is open for suggestions.

What the Creators had to say:

PhreePhuzz is an analog saturation simulator designed for subtle saturation. It has a very simple interface and four distinct saturation types.

About the Plugin

This plugin make look simple in it’s nature but it’s alot more complex than you think. Most of what you hear from this plug is based on the algorithms taken from the PreAMPed saturation workhorse which was created by the same designers.  Basically they wanted to create a plugin with a simple desing that was easy to use, while achieving some of those tasty saturation effects. This plug comes equipped with 4 different types (YES FOUR) of saturation and also 4X oversampling which significantly reduces aliasing.

While you can push the FREE Fuzz into getting some stellar distortion effects, the plugin developer suggests using it in a more subtle fashion.  Also the different saturation modes can effect different parts of the frequency spectrum.  that means that you aren’t limited and this plugin will work on multiple source signals. The developer has also included an instruction manual in the download pack, which means that getting to know the controls should be a real snap for you.

What I like About It

This plugin can definitely be a go to for instruments like guitars and pianos.  It just has such a prestine quality to it.  I’ve also tried it on vocals with a lot of success.  Try it out yourself.

Go Ahead to Grab it Today

So if you want a simple and effective saturation plugin than go Download PhreePhuzz today.

Axis Plug-ins Moto Q (Parametric Equalizer)

moto-equalizerAxis Plug-ins just put out the Moto Q, which is a freeware parametric equalizer containing 11 bands with built-in spectrogram display.  It’s compatible for both Win and MAC in VAT/AU formats.You can download the Moto Q for free by visitng Axis Plug-ins (1.9 MB/ZIP/ VST/AU/Win/Mac).There must be an influx of visitors because the download page seems to be coming in and out.  If you get a 404 page, just try and go back to it later. The good nes is that there is no registration required, all you have to do is download the plugin from the developer’s page and begin expereiencing the awesomeness.  It’s also nice that it comes with a cimple .dll file which I tend to prefer over an installer (it’s easier for me).

In Memory of Sylvia Plath and for all the lovers out there Clara Moto and decided to present you a very special Valentine’s Gift. The free Moto Q. We wish you a Sweet Valentine and do not forget to hug and kiss your lover!

More About The Features

The Moto Q is a standard parametric EQ with normal parameters like LP/HP filters, low and high band shelves, notch filters and standard bell filters. You can also use the graphical display to view the frequency spectrum in real time – VERY HANDY!

The Moto is just one plugin of a full package which contains 3 other EQ plugins.  All of these plugins were developed in partnership with a music composer from Austria named Clara Moto.  By doing a little bit of research, it looks like this plugin will remain as a freeware plugin and be available separate from the bundle.

Who Are They and What Are My Thoughts?

The interesting thing about Axis plugins is that I have never heard of them before.  The only information that I could really find was that they were working with another developer in partnership and have recently went solo. Yet, they seem to be offering a very high quality collection of audio effects.  Another thing to mentino is that another one of their EQ’s – Match EQ – received a very good review from Computer Music magazine.

I really wanted to know who Axis Plug-ins were so I put my detetive hat on to try and solve this mystery.  I looked for answers in conversations with some of the shadiest people in dark corners of the city (better yet, I was really just looking in music forums while I drank a nice hot cup of java in my studio).

After some poking around, I found that guys who are behind the Axis plugins actually worked for RNDigital Labs, which is a well-known development company.   If you are an experienced VST plugin user than you will remember them by their useful Inspector spectrum analyzer. The company has since closed in 2009, however the company still develops new products under a their new name. I still have been able to figure it all out like if they are still using the same code and using the exact same team.  But at the end of it all it’s not that big of a deal because what really matters is that we have access to a really useful freeware vst.

Go And Grab It

If you do install this plugin, please let me know in the comments below.

So again, if you want this cool little freebie than go Download Moto Q now!

WOK releases Tapebrake – A Free Tape Stop VST Effect

wok-tapebreakHave you been looking for a very effective and useful tapestop effect plugin?  Well here’s your chance to get one for FREE!!!You can download this free plugin via their Facebook page (2.8 MB/ZIP/Windows).

You must go to the Facebook page to get the download link.  You do not have to sign up or be a registered used to download the WOK plugin.  just simply visit the link and start playing around!!

This plugin is the newest one from WOK in his one knob series of plugs. His previous plugins include Emonizer and Instaback which are very handy and easy to use.

Tapebrake effectively is a tapestop effect plugin (which is freeware) that allows you to emulate the DJ stop effect. This effect my not work in most situations but there are times when it can work really great to create an interesting character to a sound.  So when you push the STOP button, the playback will stop the pitch of the sound will slowly dissipate until it’s fully silent.

You can also adjust the length of the tapestop effect which is tempo synced to the hosts program tempo.


To Download Tapebrake: click here

Wavesfactory Releases Old Tape Drums (Free Drum Pack)

Wavesfactory has just announced the release of a new sample drum machine Old Tape Drums.  It’s a free NI Kontakt instrument which features some acoustic drum samples which were processed through a mono cassette tapedeck.

Old Tape Drums is a sample library for Kontakt featuring a Ludwig Vistalite drum kit recorded with a mono lo-fi cassette tape recorder. It has a lofi vibe to it, but without sacrificing dynamics. Don’t expect a clean sound, it’s the opposite.

You can download the Old Tape Drums for free by visiting via Wavesfactory (335 MB/RAR/NI Kontakt).

I should also mention that in order to download this library, you are going to need to join the Wavesfactory facebook page.  The download link will become visible after clicking the Like button on the download page linked below.  If you are not a Facebook user, just email Wavesfactory and then will then send you a return email with the sample pack.

The samples inside the library come from a Ludwig Vistalite acoustic drum kit which and this was recorded through a lo-fi tape recorder. There are also some other noises that are included in this pack, such as tape noise, button pressing noises, etc. If your machine is fairly slow, there is a Lite version that is included inside the pack for you to use.

Another cool feature is that you can custom change the pitch and tone of the samples during plyaback. This will ultimately lead to some really cool sound fx that could work well for transitions.  This pack really does a good job of sounding like vintage tape.

I could definitely see the drum samples being used in a drum break or maybe even a pop song. Another cool thing to do would be to layer it underneath a clean sounding drum kit and then modulate the pitch for some interesting warped effects.

Individual samples in WAV format are not included so you must therefore have the FULL version of NI Kontakt.

This library sounds great on its own but if you want to get a similar sound with drums already in your library, try using a tape or saturation style plugin, which will mimic the effects that you hear in this library.

Video Demo

Check out the Old Tape Drums in action:


Download Old Tape Drums