Axis Plug-ins Moto Q (Parametric Equalizer)

moto-equalizerAxis Plug-ins just put out the Moto Q, which is a freeware parametric equalizer containing 11 bands with built-in spectrogram display.  It’s compatible for both Win and MAC in VAT/AU formats.You can download the Moto Q for free by visitng Axis Plug-ins (1.9 MB/ZIP/ VST/AU/Win/Mac).There must be an influx of visitors because the download page seems to be coming in and out.  If you get a 404 page, just try and go back to it later. The good nes is that there is no registration required, all you have to do is download the plugin from the developer’s page and begin expereiencing the awesomeness.  It’s also nice that it comes with a cimple .dll file which I tend to prefer over an installer (it’s easier for me).

In Memory of Sylvia Plath and for all the lovers out there Clara Moto and decided to present you a very special Valentine’s Gift. The free Moto Q. We wish you a Sweet Valentine and do not forget to hug and kiss your lover!

More About The Features

The Moto Q is a standard parametric EQ with normal parameters like LP/HP filters, low and high band shelves, notch filters and standard bell filters. You can also use the graphical display to view the frequency spectrum in real time – VERY HANDY!

The Moto is just one plugin of a full package which contains 3 other EQ plugins.  All of these plugins were developed in partnership with a music composer from Austria named Clara Moto.  By doing a little bit of research, it looks like this plugin will remain as a freeware plugin and be available separate from the bundle.

Who Are They and What Are My Thoughts?

The interesting thing about Axis plugins is that I have never heard of them before.  The only information that I could really find was that they were working with another developer in partnership and have recently went solo. Yet, they seem to be offering a very high quality collection of audio effects.  Another thing to mentino is that another one of their EQ’s – Match EQ – received a very good review from Computer Music magazine.

I really wanted to know who Axis Plug-ins were so I put my detetive hat on to try and solve this mystery.  I looked for answers in conversations with some of the shadiest people in dark corners of the city (better yet, I was really just looking in music forums while I drank a nice hot cup of java in my studio).

After some poking around, I found that guys who are behind the Axis plugins actually worked for RNDigital Labs, which is a well-known development company.   If you are an experienced VST plugin user than you will remember them by their useful Inspector spectrum analyzer. The company has since closed in 2009, however the company still develops new products under a their new name. I still have been able to figure it all out like if they are still using the same code and using the exact same team.  But at the end of it all it’s not that big of a deal because what really matters is that we have access to a really useful freeware vst.

Go And Grab It

If you do install this plugin, please let me know in the comments below.

So again, if you want this cool little freebie than go Download Moto Q now!